Thing 17 Geolocation

I think I will have to find a human person to explain this one to me! After downloading the Geocache app, I had a bit of trouble understanding how to work it. Then I had a bit of trouble understanding why I would want to do it. It seems quite time consuming. I guess it could be a way of exploring a new place (or maybe taking you to places you haven’t been in somewhere you know well). But I’d usually do that just by enjoying wandering around and reading an old-skool guidebook. Maybe I’ll try it again once I’ve found someone who knows more about it (and can explain what the point of it is).

Thing 6 – after a big gap

It’s been ages since I got on with this but hopefully will be able to continue more regularly. I checked out our department website with WAVE and found five alerts. It wasn’t easy to figure out what these were at first and I was surprised that some of them seem to refer to structural elements. The site is hosted on a content management system, so as a content manager I don’t have any control of these. However, much food for thought in the articles on diversity and inclusion when creating content.

Thing 3 & 4

Google didn’t seem to know me (unless I added University of Edinburgh and then I was second), although I did come up in 192 results from old electoral roll information. That was slightly worrying as it appears it would be really easy to find someone’s address there. Otherwise, I was quite please that I don’t feature. I might feel differently if I wanted a high professional profile though.

I do need to review the social media accounts that rarely/never use though.

What I hope to gain

So, I’m hoping to develop my digital skills generally. I also hope this will help me improve my blogging ability. (I already have a personal blogspace which I’d like to use more effectively.) With the digital transformation agenda at the University, I’m hoping this will help me understand what can be achieved using the tools available.

I was already aware of the social media guidelines for staff and am please to see that there’s also a specific guide for students now as well.


Just set up this blog space for 23ThingsEdUni learning. It was fairly easy, although the instructions differ from how you actually work through setting up the WordPress blog space now. I guess that the site has been updated since the step through guide was written.